A Royal Welcome & Castles is a Asia Barney DVD made in a country called the Philippines from 1998.

Song ListEdit

  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. Rig a Jig
  3. Castles So High
  4. Lavender's Blue
  5. Wave the Flags
  6. The Barney Bag
  7. London Bridge
  8. Ole King Cole
  9. I Love You
  10. Barney Theme Song
  11. Castles So High
  12. Ole King Cole
  13. You Can Count on Me
  14. Castles So High (reprise)
  15. You Can Do It (instrumental)
  16. Ole King Cole (reprise)
  17. Castles So High (finale)
  18. Ole King Cole Medley
  19. I Love You


  • Baby Bop and BJ are seen on the front and back cover, not in the episodes on this Asia video made in the Philippines.