Barney's fourth stage show on 1999.


Barney and his friends performed at Majestic Theater in Dallas, TX.

Song ListEdit

  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. Castles So High
  3. Ole King Cole
  4. It's A Great Day
  5. Who's In the Forest
  6. I'm the King
  7. Ole King Cole Medley
  8. Tinkerputt's Song
  9. Castles So High (reprise)
  10. I'm the King (reprise)
  11. Just Imagine
  12. Castle Medley
  13. Growing
  14. Ole King Cole (reprise)
  15. My Yellow Blankey
  16. BJ's Song
  17. By Myself
  18. I'm the King
  19. Lavender's Blue
  20. I Love You



  • This is the Last Barney And Friends Home Video from Lyrick Studios To Feature the wiggles Preview.