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|right|Hope Cervantes playing "Tosha"]]Hope Cervantes was born in 1984, she landed the role of Tosha in Barney and Friends from 1992-2009.

She is still pursueing her acting career. She currently performed at the Theatre Department at the school she was attending. She also volunteered for several community service orginizations.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading poetry, playing soccor, shopping for vintage clothing (for the retro looks), playing with her 2 cats "Dusty and Sachi", and play sports with her two brothers.

She quotes "I have always been fascinated with science. I plan to pursue a career in the science field someday. Her favorite color is purple, her favorite food is pizza. Her favorite snack is a pickle (I have at least one a day).

She loves to sing, dance and act.


Tosha Facts:Edit

  • Her first appearance was in the episode "Be a Friend" (1992)
  • Her last appearance was in the episode "Up we Go" (1995).
  • Tosha also appears in the 1996 Classic Collection video series.
  • When Tosha first came to her new school in the episode "Be a Friend" (1992) she wasn't sure she would have any friends.
  • She has a cat named Tom
  • Her favorite color is Purple
  • She had a fire at her house
  • In the episode "Families are special" (1993) she shows everyone her new twin baby brothers.
  • Her final regular appearance was in the episode video "Let's Pretend with Barney" (1997).
  • Her final appearance was in the reunion special "Barney's Dino Mite Reunion" (2003).